Fumigation Prep

We understand that the fumigation process can be tedious and frustrating, here we break down the whole process so that you and our company can better understand and communicate during your home fumigation.  If you have decided to fumigate your home with us, these are the next steps after being added to our fumigation schedule.

The Fumigation Process


Once you're on the fumigation schedule, next we'll ask to meet so that we can sign paperwork and walk you through the process. you'll receive the following.

-Fume Notice
-Fume bags (to bag food)
-Work Agreement Contract.

Food Preparation

Food Prep Video

Before our crew arrive, all food and medicine need to be DOUBLE BAGGED prior to fumigation. above you may click the link to view a video that demonstrates how to bag your food.

Natural Gas Shut Off

Socal Gas Company customers only

On the date of the fumigation Socal gas company will arrive early morning to shut off and tag your gas meter for fumigation. It is very important that they have access to the meter. (unlock and open gates when present)

Fumigation Crew 

Time arrival will be given the day prior to fumigation.

When crew arrives, they'll need access to inside of your home. Licensee will inspect and prepare home for fumigation. it is important that all rooms, and garage are accessible for inspection.  

Fumigation Completed

Last day of fumigation. (The 3rd Day)

The Fumigation crew will arrive early morning to remove and clear home for entry. It is important that once again they have access to the inside of your home. licensee will check for Vikane Gas readings, once cleared crew will lock up and place house key under front door mat.

Natural Gas Turn On

Extremely Important

SoCal Gas Company will arrive.
12:00 AM-5:00 PM

10:00 AM- 5:00 PM

Somone needs to be home during these times or key under front door mat.

**failure to be present or key placed correctly gas will not be turned on and will need to be scheduled by homeowner**

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AGUIRRE is a family owned and operated business that was established in 1994. We are dedicated to provide the highest quality service at a reasonable price. We service the counties of Orange, L.A., Riverside and San Bernardino. Aguirre is a company fully licensed PR-3568 by the structural pest control board, and we take pride on our work through customer satisfaction.